Monday, December 15, 2008

paypal shipping

whee! i printed out my first shipping label via paypal today for an order i need to get out for christmas! hehe... just wanted to share ;) tis exciting! i bought a scale months ago but have just been too nervous that things would go wrong with the shipment that i haven't tried it until now! except for a glitch in the system that wouldn't let me send to the confirmed address because usps' recommended address didn't spell out "east" or "avenue" which forced me to have to call paypal's customer service, i think it's worked out just fine. :) hooray!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

handmade confessional!

tara aka weirdwolf filmed a bunch of people at the felt club event the other day, and is posting them on the etsy storque as a mini series of handmade confessionals! she just posted mine today :D you can check out the actual post here!

buy handmade! support artisans and crafters! shop locally! yay! :)