Tuesday, July 31, 2007

crystal of the night necklace

okay, so i am attempting to start naming my items, because listing this as "antique skeleton key and vintage crystal necklace" was going to be ridiculous XD we'll see how this goes!

nice -literally- treasury

bagladymomma has created a neat little treasury called A treasury for YOU!

what a cute idea! :)

Monday, July 30, 2007

vintage gold skeleton leaf earrings

i put up a new jewelry listing today! found some wonderful things at the antique shop yesterday, so now i have more pretties to play with! this is the first:

bought more fabric and the like today for new books, but i'm a little tuckered out so i think i shall experiment with the scrap leather i bought! :D if i do well with burning designs into them, hopefully i can make some neat leather jewelry!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

first treasury listing!

i've been listed in shoot me i'm a newbie, a treasury dedicated to sellers with five and under sales, by tackybackintime!


natural leaf book

here's my newest book, to be posted today! i absolutely heart it, but i got a little glue happy so there's a line of glue along the spine on the front and back ;______; but it doesn't look super weird or anything, so i'm trying to decide if i should just put glue along the rest so the line is from top to bottom and call it a "design choice" haha, or if i should just leave it as it is and stop messing with it. decisions decisions!

i took that picture in my new photo light box that i made with this tutorial. it's not bad, but i definitely need more powerful light bulbs!

in other news, i was browsing through my fave antique mall and found a bazillion different pieces of vintage jewelry! hurrah! so i'll be putting those up on etsy as well :3

aaaand last but not least, i am going to be doing an etsy "seller of the month", starting with rhonda miller, aka "myhandboundbooks"! be sure to check that out this wednesday!

.............and now there is a power outage and i no longer have internet connection. thank you, pennsylvania storms! XD...............

Friday, July 27, 2007

clue pool ball book

and here's today's book!

i made it out of green and black felt and a painted wooden pool ball from the set of "clue! the musical" :D i'm still waiting for it to dry... hopefully it'll turn out all right, because i sort of forgot about the bookmark and headbands until i was halfway done gluing the book block to the cover! whoooops... hahaha but i don't think it'll affect it at all. if anything, i'll probably need to do something to strengthen the bonds between the felt and the paper! we'll see :)

to hell with it...

...all of my books will be on sale for a limited time! :)

book press, puffin book, and sale!

yesterday i bought some carriage bolts and wing nuts from lowe's and made me a book press! this definitely helps with the sewing and gluing process :3

i also made the puffin book! i heart it... it's so fluffy and cute! i also think it's my best book so far, in terms of the book press helping me out :) check it out in the shop!

and now that i'm going to be adding a few more books, i thought i might put my orion's belt book up for sale :) find it here!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

current/future projects

at the moment, i am making some business cards for the shop! i don't have a printer, so i really thought about using an online business card shop or someone from etsy, but in the end i decided to continue with the whole "homemade" thing and make my own cards! i like how they look so far, all embossed and tea stained! :)
today i used my new book cradle that i made to punch out holes in a few book blocks that i folded over. works fairly well! though the awl i have is kind of broken so i may need a new one :T
current cover ideas in the making, for which i bought my fabric and materials for include: a puffin book using some really soft and fluffy gray wool i found and am going to sew a puffin cut out of felt onto, a baby scrapbook using this adorable ducky fleece, a wedding album out of pretty and swirly light blue suede-like material with stitching on it, a pool ball book using green felt and wood painted to look like a pool ball recycled from "clue" the musical, and reusing an antique book cover to make a brand new book!

i also found a book block made out of the tea stained paper from a while back, and i think i'm going to use it for the country western book i'm going to make out of black leather and used blank bullet shells! i'm hoping that i'll be able to stamp leather by then (i'm going to practice using some leather i bought -- and might make necklaces and other accessories out of!) so that i can make some designs on the cover too :)

and that's all for now! lots of stuff to keep me busy, yay!

the name

soooooo! i thought that if anybody wanted to know why "flurrsprite's nook", then they can read about it here :) "flurr sprite" is a character i made up and has since become my screen name. here is a picture of her, drawn by the fabulous peet cooper:

and "nook" because i am currently residing in a place best described as a nook... it is basically a hole in the wall with my bed in it:

that is where i attempt to make all of my items! i do sit on the floor in the hallway, and occasionally steal the dining table downstairs, but yep! this is my home for the next few months :D

Monday, July 23, 2007

setting up a shop blog

well, i decided that it might be neat to set up a "shop blog" for any customers who might be interested in what i'm doing and how i'm doing it! i will try to update this as much as possible with current projects and future plans, though entries will probably be sporadic. i blame my 14 hour a day, 6 days a week theatre internship ;)

huzzah for etsy!