Wednesday, March 19, 2008

obsessed with clothing, oh noes

so a couple weeks ago, i may have purchased a funky little hood from pixiebell and awesome fingerless gloves from kitmit on etsy, as shown here:

oh yes. so much fun, and toasty warm ♥ love em!

i also decided to make some earrings for myself since i haven't actually made any to keep, and a sister pair to sell in my shop.

i like em! they tinkle when i move XD and i've been in a green kick, so hurray!

i'm also waiting for a pretty black and white circle skirt from tallgiraffe. i don't really wear skirts (i prefer dresses -- i is lazy) so this'll be fun!

AND! through alchemy (which i think i am going to abandon for the time being, due to the disorganization and craziness ensuing there at the moment) i have enlisted the aid of two fantastical seamstresses to make me a winter dress (by neurasthenia) and a rockabilly dress (by cherrypievintage). EXCITED.

naturally, i am now considering buying myself a sewing machine and experimenting at home! i've been dabbling and done a bit of work in school, so i'm kind of excited at the prospect :D i may also get a serger, because i'm not really sure how to finish edges without one! darn costume class, spoiling me rotten.

but never fear, i have not abandoned bookbinding! i have one book (black pages, whee!) in the works, and i plan on picking up supplies next week in st. louis and kansas city and teach myself how to do exposed bindings and such! hurray!

yes, my bank account hates me. damn you, crafting addiction!


lapaperie&cozy said...

Ooh I love the hood and earrings. That hood esp. looks cozy and warm for those chilly winter days - must look into one of those for next winter! :)

maiko said...

it's kind of spectacular! i like that i can flip it down and just use it as a scarf too!

Kiley said...

I agree I love that hood! I wonder if I could cram it under my bike helmet.....
I'm kinda of a wuss when it comes to cold so I could still get some use out of one right now- it's not above 75F I'm in long sleeves and pants.

Good luck with the exposed spine work, it takes some practice- my best advice is to make sure that your signatures are punched exactly the same or you'll end up with an uneven text block or stitches!

Maiko said...

i'm a total wuss when it comes to cold too! hehe

yeah, i'm a little worried, also cuz my pages don't tend to be exactly the same size so i'm afraid it'll throw me off... ahh well!

Anonymous said...

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