Tuesday, November 18, 2008

hey ya'll

it's been a while!

not a whole lot has been happening in terms of etsy, i've taken on a few commissions since the last post but haven't really made anything on my own for a while since i've been working 7 days a week for the most part :T i did make a couple books for halloween, which was fun :) even with tea staining and baking one book's papers, something i swore i'd never do again ;)

looks like i'll be missing the next book swap for best, but i've got a book to make for a friend and then i have some extra paper folded and punched, ready to bind! i'm excited about using some of my new japanese paper! and these next two weeks will be a little less busy production-wise, what with thanksgiving and all, so i should have time to work on books! hooray!

life-wise, i've been working at effinfunny for a couple months now and it's been great! they actually brought me to work on "the guild" with them, so i've been the art p.a. since almost the beginning of this season. they also teamed up with machinima.com to work on some projects and i've been helping with those. one of the videos they did on the election got on the carson daly show, so that was pretty neat! they also took me to blizzcon for a day, which was very nice of them :)

starbucks didn't quite work out, but i'm still workin at sushi! hoping that little production gigs here and there will cover the amount that i'm not making from a second job, but i don't think that's really going to happen so after i get back from my two week winter vacation in hawaii i'll be looking for another part time job. probably bad timing, doing it AFTER the holiday rush, but with the economy now i'm not really sure there's a good timing!

i was a moogle for halloween. what were you?


Kiley said...

I am totally amused that you'll be doing some work on the guild....
While I'm not a wower I know plenty of people who are and I find the show highly amusing! Mix that with Dr. Horrible and most of my single male friends would kill to meet Felica Day...

Anywho awesome moogle costume- as you can tell from my store name I'm a moogle fan :D

Maiko said...

hahaha yeah, that seems to be the trend ;) i enjoy working on it, and it's pretty awesome that microsoft just signed to partner and sprint is the first sponsor for the show! yay!

mooglllllllleeeeeeeeeee! hahaha... thanks! twas good times ;)

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