Monday, March 16, 2009

edible book event

hey everyone! BEST is hosting an edible book event on april 1st as part of the international edible book festival!

we are inviting members and non-members alike to participate by making your very own edible book. the festival involves people making edible objects that are book-related and then sharing their creations. it's all about creativity and doesn't even really have to be about book binding!

we invite you all to post your pictures on the flickr gallery here:

we will also have an informal social gathering in the Etsy chat room in the
evening (april 1 at 9pm eastern) for anyone who wants to just meet and chat about
the edible books or chat about anything else!

feel free to make your book any time before april 1st! invite your friends and family to join in the fun!

after all the edible books have been submitted on april 1st, the books will be
considered by a small panel of impartial judges (who will remain anonymous until
after the event). special recognition will be awarded in each of these
BEST Edible Book
BEST Edible Bookbinding Technique
BEST Edible Book by a Child (age 10 years or less)

looking forward to seeing all of your creations :)

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