Sunday, October 28, 2007

want an etsy bag?

i know i do! maybe because my current bag died :P it's rigged to work fine, but i still can't help drooling over these cute bags!

Brown Unisex Messenger by P8Accessories

Robot Love Large Vinyl Messenger by SugarLust

Falling Leaf Hobo by Jmacc

New Sprout Messenger Bag by cipolla

Green Faux Leather/White Octopus Applique Purse by SAYSIBEAU

i'm a big bag person XD and i prefer em over the shoulder (although the falling leaves one is just too cute to ignore!)


Rhonda said...

all fabulous bags!! i have one of jamcc's bags actually - it really is great, i love it.

maiko said...

i loooooove it! it's my favorite, but i'm not used to paying more than like.. $30 for a bag XD plus i'm trying to get over the shoulder bags cuz they're a lot easier to carry, and i looked through her sales and saw that she made a messenger bag with that style:
but i think the hobo is a lot cuter so now i'm debating hahaha! oh noes, decisions decisions!

Discount Codes said...

Those are very cute bag collection. I like it. Those are really nice and quite creative!

Glass Of Venice said...

Wow!! they are so nice bags. I really love it. Thanks