Wednesday, October 31, 2007

seller of the month: WeeFolkOutfitters

Sean Fulkerson - Youngstown - USA

WHO (Your name, general description, any random bit of info about yourself, a vague sentence):

I'm a furry little gnome of guy who goes by the name Sean Fulkerson and makes fairy doors for a living.

WHAT (Tell us about your shop, the items you make):

I offer a variety of fairy doors that I handcraft from solid knotty pine. I have about ten standard designs I came up with, but each door I make takes on a personality of its own -- it's all up to the wood. I also have a gnome outhouse I make (which I really need to list on Etsy), and I've been planning on making windows but just haven't had the time.

WHERE (Why do you sell on Etsy?):

Etsy was mentioned to me by an acquaintance a few months ago. I really liked the idea of a "handmade only" website, but wasn't sure my doors would sell there. So I lurked on the site for a while, reading the forums and trying to get a feel for "how things work". I sell almost exclusively on Etsy now.

WHEN (When did you start making handmade items? When did you start selling on Etsy? Any tips for current/future sellers?):

I've been making stuff from wood since I was a wee gnome living in the hills of Western Pennsylvania. Even though I've never been a stranger to sawdust or hammers, my first real attempt at making money from woodworking was only about four years ago. I made up some grapevine wreaths with a wooden character in the center -- Santas, snowmen, angels -- and ended up selling quite a few of them. After that, I went into furniture making -- Mission and Shaker style tables. That didn't go so well (small shop, big stuff). This past summer was when I was first introduced to fairy doors. An online friend who knew I made stuff asked if I could make her some fairy doors. At first, I thought she was nuts. But then I started researching them and ultimately found my true calling. I love making the things.

The only real tips I have for anyone thinking of selling their crafts on Etsy is that you *have* to participate in the community. Get on the chat rooms. Participate in the forums. Sell yourself without selling yourself out (or short). I've made some great friends on Etsy in just a short while.

WHY (Go on, free self-promotion time! Why should people buy from your shop?):

Why buy fairy doors from me? I've been told mine are the finest fairy doors on the web -- and not just by Etsy buyers. If you're looking for something really unique that can't be had for any money at Walmart, check out my doors. They're fun for kids of all ages and look as good in the garden or next to a tree as they do on a bookshelf or against a baseboard. The trick is to put them in non-obvious spaces -- let them be discovered instead of shown off.

FUN (Whatever you feel like talking about. A favorite shop or item on Etsy, a website you think others should look at, why butterflies and toe socks should rule the world):

One of my favorite shops on Etsy is Spidercamp's. We've bought two of her goofy bunnies so far. My daughter has taken possession of "crap" bunny and won't give it back until "yippee!" bunny gets here.

Otherwise, I think everyone should watch where they step so as not to squish any wee folk.

Aaaand…RANDOM QUESTION! If you could invent a new flavored chocolate, what kind would you pick?

Bacon. Bacon smothered in chocolate would be killer (or chocolate smothered in bacon).

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Lynn said...

I can't believe this! I JUST found him the day before yesterday -- and now he's disappeared! HOW do I find him again? I'd like to buy from him! :(


maiko said...

oh no! i don't know lynn, this is sad! :( i hope it's just some glitch and he'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Here's his blog where you can get the scoop and find his new cyber-store: