Thursday, April 24, 2008

two new creations

my friend pat commissioned me to make him a photo album for his recent trip to spain, so i finally ordered some stuff from hollanders (very happy with their products, i will definitely be ordering from them again!) including an unbound block for the biggest book i've made yet! he gave me a newspaper he got in spain, and together we designed and created this:

i'm rather proud of it, although i wish i had gotten better pictures before i gave it to him :) it was the second book i used methyl cellulose / pva mix with, and i think it helped me figure out its properties a little better! i ended up adding an end sheet to the back and pasted a map onto the inside front cover... a couple bubbles but not too bad i think! the front cover sports "spain" cut out in black library buckram (crazy thick bookcloth, a lil difficult to work with but cool cuz it's waterproof!) with cut outs of spanish newspaper text peeping through! i used red satin bookcloth on the spine, and i think it feels matador-ish haha.

and just so you know i'm a huge nerd, i also made myself a lightsaber. it doesn't work... yet!

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piki said...

lol lightsaber.

cool spain book :3.

Made With Loving Hands said...

Looks like a wonderful photo album. They will remember where they were with that marvelous cover. Take care with that light saber.

maiko said...

thanks made! i sure hope he remembers haha ;) and i'll try not to hurt anybody with the lightsaber hehehe

smulan said...

that lightsaber totally rules i am so jealous! x