Friday, November 16, 2007


i haven't completely died these past couple of months, i swear! :) i've been...

...experimenting with chocolate and candy molds! (mostly because i really want to make pirate ship chocolates... how awesome would that be??)


...made a halloween costume for etsy's contest

{kaylee from firefly!}

...made a couple of book commissions for some friends. interestingly enough, both named sarah and both were for their siblings!

{a leather book with hindi writings on it. the cover says 'brother'}

{a cafe book for a sister who likes coffee!}

...and hopefully more will be coming soon~!


thirteenthstory said...

Hey there, I found your blog through your Etsy profile. I just wanted to say I really love the Orion journal! In the description you said Orion is special because seeing him always meant you are home. I hadn't thought of it that way, but I too have an appreciation for Orion and Sirius (his dog star).

There is a song by Heather Nova with the line: "...and I want two stars for arms, just like Orion..."

I love that line, and its what I thought of when I saw your journal.

Be well,

Danca said...

love your Etsy store and your blog, so I tagged you! Please go to my blog for details.
Have fun!

thirteenthstory said...

You too! Thanks so much,