Monday, December 17, 2007

my dad = my spokesman

my dad was chatting to a friend of his at work about how i bind books, and she requested i make one for her friend, who had just had a baby.

unfortunately, my dad didn't ask for any specifics, like if the baby was a boy or a girl, so i decided to make two books for her to choose from:

she ended up buying both!

(the one that says "eva" on it originally didn't, i was going to put "baby" on it in felt but my dad snagged it before i had gotten to that point and brought it to her. luckily he called and asked me about it so i told him that if she liked that book that i could cut out whatever words she wanted, so she asked for "eva 2007".)

and then she requested one more, for her "not-girly" friend. so i made this out of some new fuzzy paper i had just gotten:

my dad also showed her my asian inspired book ("just in case"); it had been sitting in my closet because i had taken it off of etsy after my grandpa's pecans exploded in my suitcase and gotten oil on its cover... you couldn't really tell after i wiped it a few times with water, but i knew it was damaged and just couldn't sell it in good conscience.

she bought both.

go daddy! XD

on a side note, look at my books together:

i do not seem to have my own "style". i'm still trying to decide if this is a good or bad thing haha!


thirteenthstory said...

WOW! What a great thing t have someone enjoy your work so much, congratukations. Its well deserved.


PS. I see the Orion journal sold... aw, I hope it as a good home. That journal inspired a new drawing of mine, also called Orion. Watch for it soon.

Rhonda said...

congrats on finding such an awesome customer!

i think it is wonderful that your books are varied in their style! that tendancy to variation in itself, could be your style :-)

maiko said...

aww, thanks rhonda! :) i think i need to stop worrying about everything and just get up and make more stuff! :D