Monday, December 3, 2007

trans-canada etsy team contest prize

as mentioned in a previous post, i won the trans-canada etsy team contest! i would like to show off their fabulous prizes here! i received...

...a pair of adorable catnip mice from 4paws

alas, i have no kitties, but i'm going to use them as christmas tree ornaments until i see my uncle's kitty again! ...i hope catnip lasts that long!

...a fluffy coffee condom (i think it looks like a corset... and want to wear it as a bracelet!) from caffeinatedcrafts

starbucks beware!

...pretty little earrings from mieldesigns

i love the lapis lazuli stones on them!

...a whimsical bird hanging art piece by tanisalexis and a precious stuffed bunny by her sister shop, mwahcreations

the bunny smells like lavendar! hee! eco-chic vintage leather necklace by tomatedepingles

the clasp has a little leather piece attached... what a cute detail!

...awesome feather deploy earrings by neawear

they're delicate, but super sleek! can't wait to wear them out!

...a butter soft leather book and fun leather cuff (which i am totally going to wear on my ankle instead!) by myhandboundbooks

unfortunately, i forgot my wonderfully beautiful fluffy scarf by stircrazycrafts back in missouri :( i had already integrated it into my wardrobe, so when it came time to pack for hawaii, i put it aside... boooo! i promise i'll post a special entry just for the scarf :D it's very warm, and will definitely be put to good use when it's blustery outside! hurray for handmade scarves!

happy holidays everybody!


4paws said...

Yay! Congrats. Those are great prizes! Nea's earrings are HOT!

Melanie L said...

Look at all that great loot!

Anf thanks for including a pic of my earrings! They look really nice on you!

.tomate d'epingles. said...

what a loot :)
thanks for posting all those pics!
i think its the first time i see someone else than me wearring my jewelry :)
glad you liked all of it!

maiko said...

thanks guys! :D presents are awesome! ;)

Rhonda said...

wow, that's a lot of loot!! and i think the cuff is a great anklet!

Janick - Nea Jewelry said...

Awww thanks for that pic Maiko!! They look great on you! :)

(Thanks 4paws :P )

Anonymous said...

Those are darling earrings!! Here's hoping you get a few more
I'm so glad I found your blog. I love your work. Great job!
Wow these are beautiful pieces

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