Sunday, January 13, 2008

i are nerd

sort of finished my cloak! but my parents don't have a full length mirror, so i didn't really get to see what it looked like until i had my mom take pictures... which led to my decision about it not being quite finished yet, because the capelet is shorter than i had intended (it was long when i first sewed it together, but my mom suggested i chop it a little and i got a bit carried away) so i'm going to need to add some more felt onto it! i'll use this as an excuse to embellish it, because it's rather plain ;) sadly, i'm not completely happy with my hood (that's what i get for making everything up), so i may need to do it over... we'll see!

i'm leaving hawaii tonight... i'm actually pretty sad about it, which isn't normally the case! but it'll be good to go back to missouri. for example: this is what my "work space" looked like here:

okay, that may have been on a bad day, but still! it'll be nice to have say, a table to work on instead of the floor! ;)

alas, i had to mail back a bunch of my bookbinding supplies, and parcel post takes 3-5 weeks (AUGH) so it may be a while before i post up any new books! but that's okay, i have all of my jewelry stuff with me so i can play around with that for a bit, if job hunting goes well anyway!


bookyeti said...

Cool cloak! :)
You could be a sith or something.

Maiko said...

hahaha thanks! XD i either need to get a lightsaber or a bow! ;)