Tuesday, January 8, 2008

new new year year

finally got around to playing with my hammer and baby anvil! made some new earrings, which i rather like :)

what did you all get for christmas from etsy? i got (myself) a pretty leather journal (that i actually plan on using!) from my handbound books, a super-cute clay book from lady artisan for best's first book swap, and my sister got me some mango lotion from spa therapy! ...actually, i also got some awesome dead sea mud soap too, but i used it already ;)

i finally sold my puffin book! it was possibly my favorite book.. i've made others that are better quality and probably cuter, but i've had a special attachment to my puffin book. i'm a little sad (as you can see in my goofy picture below), but for some reason it makes me feel like i'm moving forward. huzzah!

on a completely random not-craftsy note, it appears that we have a wild pua'a living nearby that likes to eat our front yard.

if you see one you're supposed to report it and the peoples will come out and kill it for you. i wonder if we can convince em to build a pit and make kalua pig if that happens.... heeeeere piggy piggy piggy...


bookyeti said...

What lovely things! :) You've got good taste.

I can see why you'd be loathe to part with your little puffin book - it's adorable!

maiko said...

awwww thank you! :)

i do like my puffin book.. but it's off to a good home! i think i'll make a llama book to make myself feel better ;)

Anonymous said...

Those are darling earirngs!! Here's hoping you get a few more
I'm so glad I found your blog. I love your work. Great job!
Wow these are beautiful pieces

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