Thursday, January 10, 2008


there are two pairs of etsy pretties that i am trying to decide between.

the first pair is more of a "i've wanted one these for a while but now i have a practical need for them"... i have my lovely new bag, but it only has one pocket so i'd like to organize it a bit more with a cute little pouch by sidneyann!

options a & b:

the second pair is more of a "let me earn a little bit more money and then splurge on clothes" (it's pretty sad, i'm far more willing to splurge on some sushi than i am for buying some decent clothes for myself) from papaya!

options a & b:

any thoughts? ;)


Rhonda said...

that is an awesome sweater!! if i was trying to pick between those, i would get the hoodie for sure. And i suppose... i never go anywhere that would deserve such a great dress... it would be a bit much for a trip to the post office or the art supply store...

maiko said...

hahaha.. yeah, i rarely wear my nice dresses, but i just like having em! ;) i would definitely wear the hoodie more often though, it looks so comfy and cute! :D