Tuesday, January 1, 2008

seller of the month - GoBuggy

Machiko Munakata - Illinois - USA

WHO (Your name, general description, any random bit of info about yourself, a vague sentence):

My name is Machiko Munakata and I am a mom, wife, in my 30s, hooked on toys, who couldn't train her dog.

WHAT (Tell us about your shop, the items you make):

I make felt foods. I started to make them so my daughter and I could play with them.
I pick foods that are familiar from my upbringing, and foods that I liked the aesthetics of.

WHERE (Why do you sell on Etsy?):

I was introduced to Etsy from a friend also a seller (kristinpavelka). I love the fact that I do come across a shop far away from my town. I also like the conveniece since I have a baby girl and it was easy to set up. The customers have been very nice and supportive. I think that is why I want to stick with Etsy.

I also like finding quirky wonderful people who can share my weird interests.

WHEN (When did you start making handmade items? When did you start selling on Etsy? Any tips for current/future sellers?):

My background is in Ceramic/Sculpture so I have been making things with my hands for a while. I started Etsy in Sept of 2007 and the store is especially inspired by the birth of my daughter. I am a newbie so i don't have good tips but I have learned from others that making something that I like is the most important thing-- And I agree. I think you can see that in other shops and I hope that comes through in mine.

WHY (Go on, free self-promotion time! Why should people buy from your shop?):

This is always a difficult question to answer. Well, if I can promote Etsy in general, that might be easier for me. I always think that buying handmade things are not just buying a product, but also sharing and supporting the maker's vision and piece of their world.

FUN (Whatever you feel like talking about. A favorite shop or item on Etsy, a website you think others should look at, why butterflies and toe socks should rule the world):

I have not had the pleasure to cruise through many shops yet--- I hear there are close to 100,000 shops? But few I have found are lovely prints (Deardodo and yellowmonday) and potteries (kristinpavelka--- okay, she is my friend but she is quite the potter). I also love shops that have toys, characters that the seller has made up. I probably cruise through Geekery more often more than other categories. Geekery moves the world go around!!!

Aaaand…RANDOM QUESTION! What is your mostest favorite kind of sandwich?

As of now, it is French Dip. The sandwich can be swimming in that dip.

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